Friday, June 27, 2014


I hit a low point 4 years ago; I had severe anxiety and depression, insomnia for 2 months, and a complicated mess of emotional and social issues. That's when I began my quest for happiness. I tried everything, and I found that the key to happiness, for me, is following my intuition. If I do whatever it is I feel I "should" do, things work out.

The past couple months I've been trying to break down that intuition, I want to understand exactly how it works and how to listen to my thoughts. I've come to realize that intuition is confusing, my thoughts are manipulated by my own body, my desires, the personality and will of others, and if there is such a thing; spirits. I get odd impressions to do things that no part of me should know to do, things I don't want to do, and it works out better than any idea I came up with. Those impressions have occurred enough times and caused so many incredible changes in my life that I believe I am influenced by some sort of spirit.

The past few weeks, I've been trying to understand this "spirit" that guides me to do things I can not know will help achieve my goals. I do not know if it's God, the "holy ghost" (as I was raised to call it), or just some part of my unconscious. The nice thing about the spirit is it guides me in a way that answers my questions, so it's been guiding me to answer this one; what it is.

I felt inspired to take a class on emotional release therapy, a type of alternative therapy that uses "muscle testing" to guide the therapy. Muscle testing is a technique that allows the therapist to supposedly get truthful answers to questions based on energy flow through your muscles. I won't describe it more here but I suggest you look it up. I learned the technique and spent the weekend asking tons of questions trying to understand what it is and to see if it actually works. It seemed to work, I was getting miraculous answers that seemed to prove there is truth to it. However, it ALWAYS said YES when I asked if I should drink coffee, spend money, eat out, sleep in, and other things I don't think I should do. I stopped following it's direction because these are things I don't feel I should be doing, things I am upset with myself for doing.

I stopped muscle testing because the answers I was getting were ridiculous. I pondered the intuition I trust, the silent, timeless feeling in my mind about muscle testing and it told me that I should NOT listen to muscle testing.

Anyways, I want to share my conclusions on how to listen to intuition. Thoughts are deceitful, and manifest from your bodily needs and possibly from bad spirits (so some form of that, not sure on the religious stuff yet).
To recieve intuition you must....
1. Silence your mind. Slow your breathing. Remove your bias, be ready to accept ANY answer.
2. Ask
3. Pay attention to the feeling you get as you ask, my answer is typically INSTANTANEOUS, I feel the positive or negative feeling right as I start asking. The answer is timeless, if it takes 2 seconds its not true intuition. I hear the whole answer at the same time, like looking at a picture. It's usually high pitched and quiet, as if I don't hear it at all.
4. If you don't get an answer or it's unclear, don't worry about it. Chances are you're either not ready to hear it, your question doesn't make sense with true reality, or you're better off figuring it out on your own (which your intuition will likely guide you to discover).
Note: When you ask you'll get all sorts of self-talk in response. I find that the key or notes each voice hits reflects a particular source or perspective, and the different pitched voices often disagree. Ignore these if you are looking for intuitive answers. These "voices" are probably bodily needs or mental perspectives manifesting as a voice.

Eventually you may get so used to listening to true intuition that it's will becomes yours, and your mental world will unify with it. To achieve this practice shutting out all the other thoughts and "voices" you hear. Learn to monitor your own body and be in control of your health so your body doesn't need to yell at you to eat or sleep. I think this unification with intuition is what some religions refer to as "enlightenment", a perspective of unity with God. There is much, much more to it but intuition will help you fill in the rest of the blanks.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to get more of my mind out of my head, I think my discoveries could help a lot of people. Until then, please email me with any questions or comments. My discoveries are my own and I am willing to describe complex subjects in ways no one else has.

I love you all!


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