Monday, June 9, 2014


The past few months I've been learning to control "intensities" moving throughout my body. These "forms" are commonly referred to as "energy", the kind talked about in eastern philosophy. I focus my attention on a part of my body and I can sense the vitality of my focus point, I feel it and become aware of how it wants to flow. I can also focus no where at all, relaxing my mind and body, which allows me to sense the intensities around my body. By slowly shifting my focus along my body, I can channel the vitality. It helps when I move with the energy flow, I do this by mindlessly adjusting to points of instant comfort, moving and stretching my body with the energy. I don't necessarily try to direct the energy, I attempt to help it flow the way it wants to. The movements resemble yoga and tai chi (I have not learned either).

The experience begins with me noticing a point of discomfort somewhere in my body, like in my stomach. I close my eyes and meditate on the feeling, becoming more aware of the focus point. By focusing intensely (sometimes stimulating by movement or pushing on area), my attention seems to give life to the point of focus, causing the point to undergo physical change. For example, my stomach will digest and settle itself, leading to symptoms like burping and eventually a relief of the initial discomfort. These points feel like clogged energies that require maintenance, which is usually as simple as giving that area energy to fix itself through the power of focus and attention.

Once the point of discomfort is resolved, I often continue to channel the energy through my entire body; down to my toes and eventually rolling up my spine into the crown of my head or my eyes, where I seem to lose it. I am in the habit of channeling this energy throughout my body often, it's interesting to note that the energy will linger in expected places, often in parts of my body I don't regularly use like the sides of my feet, certain back muscles, and my left arms (non-dominant) range of motion. I think my posture, ambidexterity, and general equilibrium have improved since beginning these exercises. Which makes sense, since I am simply allowing my body to do it's natural maintenance work I have learned to suppress.

I'll upload a video sometime of me doing it. I did it in front of the mirror the other day, it looks intense.

My current goals in regards to this "energy" and power of attention are to understand why the end point of my meditations are often the crown of my head and eyes, where the built up energy will cause me to shake and undergo an intense experience. These experiences end with the feeling that I somehow expelled the energy. Especially through my eyes, when I allow it to channel into my eyes they seem to soak all the energy in, eventually reaching maximum capacity where my eyes will suddenly beam a heavy flow of "energy" out. My eyes will be squinting and shaking, and it feels like something is actually being released like when I cry heavily. Sometimes tears are shed. These tears seem dirty, like I'm undergoing a cleansing. I typically feel exhausted after, especially in my eyes, and things won't look quite right and I won't FEEL as confident/able/intelligent as normal. That Feeling of confidence is directly related to the energy levels of my eyes, how full they are.

As for the crown end point, energy will flow up there and I'll sometimes shake intensely, but I don't know where it goes after that. I can't tell if it's leaving my head or dissipating into my brain or hair.

I've been searching for answers and the most relevant subject I found is called Kundalini Awakening, which describes a type of indwelling spiritual energy that can be "awakened", leading to an eventual state of bliss for "seekers of truth". Supposedly, being able to channel this energy to the crown of your head can lead to a divine transformation and empowering abilities (

This energy seems very similar to the intensities I experience, except mine don't feel like an independent, objectified "energy" but rather a current of activation, a flowing vitality that is turned on by my attention, awareness, or focus. Like sound, it seems like a movement and traveling disturbance, where electrons are hitting each other causing ripples rather than actually moving. I don't understand it yet, but I am learning to control it and I expect to be enlightened through personal revelation when the time is right.

Anyways, it's really interesting stuff. People say this kind of thing doesn't exist, but I know there is truth to it. I'll record it when I get the chance so you guys can watch as I move my body, you'll be able to tell I'm not faking. Feel free to comment on this or ask me questions! I believe this is a science that is soon to be understood and used universally. I also believe that most of you can have the same experiences I have, and I'd be happy to coach you on how to go about achieving these states.

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