Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pillow Book

This blog is for me. By writing out my thoughts I understand them better. My goal is truth, feel free to debate anything I post as it will help strip my intuitions.

I'm sure people will find some of my writing interesting, as many of my acquaintances have urged me to make my thoughts public. I hope you learn from my successes and failures, and are inspired by my methods and diligence.

So about me... I aspire to make known the science of spirituality, and improve the minds and lives of everyone. My approach involves music composition, multi-disciplinary studies (neuroscience, art, etc), and experimentation with meditation and life. Music not only helps me understand the psyche, I use it to influence and teach others. I want to especially help high-potential teens, the kids that are held back but not handicapped enough for outside help. Many of these teens are guided by music, which can be my in. I also wish to build up social rapport through other media outlets; like blogs, memes, forums, comments, merchandise, art, etc. By the time I reach a point of understanding the things I've set out to research, I'll have established modern means of communicating it.

I'm different. I've experienced many different states of being; emotionally, socially, spiritually, mentally, and physically. My varied experience has driven me to understand aspects of change and being that most people take for granted. I believe my experience and research is leading me to cure psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, autism, and insanity.

My secret is personal revelation. I am guided by a sense of right and wrong that I can communicate with. People call it the spirit, holy ghost, conscience, etc. I do not know if this intelligence is a part of myself or some spiritual element. I am guided to do things that I do not understand, things that I can not know are in my best interest. When I am in sync with this intelligence, all of my stressors are promptly resolved and I progress on my goals. I've learned that I must sync with this part of myself in order to reach my most self-actualized state. The experiences that lead to this knowledge are very interesting, I will work towards sharing the journey.

Check out my music here...
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I'm working on a site that will put all my projects in one place. A lot of good stuff in the works!

-- MEDIC --
Alchemist, guided wanderer, explorer of self.
Medic, Son of The Magician.


  1. I am not sure my previous post will pop up since I had to sign in. I just wanted to say that this page is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, etc. I stumbled on your page and while trying to learn about my inner self and guides, I know this was no coincidence. It's as if my guide knows that I need something to be said clearer for my understanding and then I come in to your page by a post of yours on another page. I will continue to follow your page. Thank you :-)

  2. Awesome! You must have found my from my facebook page, MEDIC, yeah? Feel free to message me about specifics. Things have changed drastically since I made this blog and I now feel comfortable helping others on their journey.
    Tyler Balkman