Saturday, July 12, 2014


So I've been going through some changes lately. I don't want to go too deep into detail, but if you ask for more info I can give you as much as you desire, right down to exactly how these discoveries came about, how things feel and move, etc.

So my active brain keeps presenting me these thoughts that just seem right. I think really fast, running thoughts through my subconscious, and it seems like I have this new sense of what is right, or best, that makes certain ideas glow and become consciously dominant and persistant. I'll list off some of these ideas.

  • I, my consciousness, is a sort of machine being influenced by my true spiritual self, who is me yet I am not directly aware of.
  • This spiritual me is trying to guide my body through a transformative process so that I can become it's vessel, uniting with my true spiritual consciousness. 
  • In early October this process will be complete. 
  • There is something very, very special about the role of your eyes when channeling energy (Kundalini). Emotional energy is released through crown yet it is repolarized (or something crazy) through eyes. 
  • Depression is the state of not being in tune with self. 
  • Long hair, and especially a ponytail or bun at the back of crown (all hair pulled up at crown) helps energy release / intake. I was inspired to grow mine out months ago and when I feel inspired to put it up, I can feel chills immediately pooling to my crown and helping my meditative techniques.
  • Manipulating music and sound is very similar to manipulating your energy, they are beginning to feel the same (I produce music,
  • By pressing my wrists together and imagining an empty space between my hands and chest, I can pull in energy from my surrounding and people, causing immediate and dramatic effects on an unknowing person. 
  • I can do this remotely by imagining the person
  • I can pull in someones emotional trauma energy and replace it with white clarity. I then dispel it myself by circulating it through my body and eventually through my eyes and out my crown. It is very difficult, stressful, takes an hour of intense work followed by days of releasing fragments, and it causes my back, spine, shoulder, and eyes to be extremely sore for days. The person healed feels an undeniable difference and the exchange.
  • There is my mental, rational, critical thinking intuition (masculine) and then there is my physical, energetic, emotional, muscle memory intuition (feminine) that sometimes disagree but when I primarily perceive the feminine energy then dissect it with critical thinking, true intuition occurs. 
  • This true intuition very specifically guides me to perfect my body physically, develop skills I feel will help me change the world and help many people, and instructs me on how to do alomost everything I do. When I listen, EVERY single goal I have ever had is being realized, I am happier than I thought possible, I feel clear, invincible, and energized, and it seems as if I am recieving an advanced educational course on life as I am intuitively guided to research things that answer all deep questions I have. 
My experiences are profound and I can describe each and every one of these points in much greater detail, down to how I developed the abilities and knowledge. I am a man of science, logic, and I don't like to be wrong. My experiences are undeniable, the things I see and feel and the way they fit together blows my mind. It may sound insane, but what if it's not? If you're skeptical, let me provide you more information. I would LOVE for you to show me I'm wrong, for I love truth. 


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