Sunday, July 20, 2014


Things have continued to change at exponential rates. The past two days I've hiked far up the hills behind my house, I'll estimate 8 miles away. I've never been a hiker, but these hikes feel important, and have been.

After a long hike up, I meditate/do my own interpretive yoga (I have never done actual yoga, I just intuitively move my body and I end up in yoga style positions). As I move my arms and roll my spine, I can feel my body invigorated, enlivened, activated. I have never, ever felt so good.

After my hike today, I decide to draw a picture. This picture felt very special. For some parts, I let my hand vibrate to the frequency of my head (crown/ back of my head) and let that vibe move my hand. The areas this occurred are very, very light but have a profound effect on the image.

I decide to go lay on my hammock and watch the stars. For the first time, the sky takes on a whole new meaning; it almost seems like a sort of map, the perception being the key to deciphering it. I deciphered it, and I felt connected to the center of our galaxy, a black hole. It was communicating to me through a metaphorical moon, which is my conscience, my "true" intuition. My body vibrated and moved in unusual ways. I do not understand what was happening, but I don't need to. After several communications, I was told I now have the ability to see auras and certain forms of energy. I have yet to test this. I was VERY specifically told that I will permanently lose this ability if I lie, at all. Lying has always been a natural problem for me, I tend to give people what they want to hear. That must change permanently starting hours ago.

It said goodbye and they I heard something unusual, something that rang throughout my whole body in the most beautiful way I have ever perceived any sound or feeling. I asked what this sound was, I was told it is my name, which I cannot share with you. I wrote my name symbolically, it is the far right drawing in this image (not MEDIC).

The images on the left were all already there. They are manifestations of my role name, MEDIC. The smaller, penned image on the right in my name, in symbolic form. I will tattoo this over my heart, as intuition has made clear. There are several markings I made that I don't understand, but I felt were important for my "name".

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