Monday, July 14, 2014


I've been inspired to change up my lifestyle drastically the past few months. I felt it was vital for me to stop smoking, only drink to get buzzed (never drunk), and alter my diet and physical exercise. I've decided to post about it because these intuitions are getting much, much more intense and specific. I feel that I must undergo a drastic physical transformation in order for a spiritual transformation to take place in October (or maybe sooner now).

First, posture. About 8 months ago I came to the conclusion (through several means) that I needed to work on posture. The first day I decided to drive to work (an hour drive) with my seat completely reclined back with me sitting up straight. I definitely felt my back muscles begin to undergo the change. For the months after, I was constantly reminding and forcing myself into positions that although uncomfortable, felt right. This process is now complete. I got a clear impression last week I finished adjusting my posture. I feel unbelievably good now, my body is working better than ever before. My most comfortable sitting position happens to be the classic meditation position (I never meditated in this position until last week when I suddenly felt my posture issue was resolved). I'll take pictures and post them.

Second, hair. 6 months ago I felt I needed to grow my hair out. I have never had hair longer than maybe 3 inches. I have had very little support and have actually been mistreated because of my radical decision to grow it out. Male long hair is a foreign idea in my culture. After about 4-5 months I began experimenting with different ponytail/hair wrap styles. I've noticed DRASTIC effects on my ability to circulate and channel energy, especially to my crown. When my hair is up (the higher the bun the better) I can instantly feel chills crawly up my back and my head, all coming to the point of my crown. I feel lighter, smarter, clearer, more energized, and more INTUITIVE. After coming up with these conclusions on my own and through my intuition, I then came across articles and evidence that support my observations. This article talks about the intuitive possibilites of longer hair. Many religions place emphasis on the region of hair at the crown, such as sikha hair and the jewish yamaka. There are lots of examples but you can do your own research in interested.

And in no particular order...
Meditation. I am constantly inspired to meditate and in different ways. I do not look up meditation techniques, I intuitively guide my mind and body and after a wild experience, I search the internet for similar experiences to make sure I'm not insane. I could still be insane, I suppose, but there is an astounding amount of VERY similar experiences to mine all over the web, if you look hard enough. It's mind blowing how these experiences are found everywhere and everyone has a different perspective of it, providing further evidence that we're not all just copying each other for attention. For those of you that like to pit science against religion, you're retarded. Science is slowly proving spirituality. Science does not make sense without spirituality. Science is always right, religion is an epic game of 3 lies and a truth. But that truth is the answer. That truth is intuition, religion is internal, spirituality is the structure of science.

Working out. This is what inspired me to post this blog post, my increase in drive to work out. I do many, many ab, arm, and leg workouts a day. I also stretch my arms and back constantly. Every time I do an energy exchange, especially and intense one (this process is mentioned in the last post), My upper back, shoulder, neck, and eye muscles are SORE. About the eyes, my actual eyes will hurt, I don't think it's a muscle I feel. The work outs are intense. I continually ask myself how many more to do, how intense, how long, how many reps, etc and I'm driven to push my limits every day. It sucks, but the results are extraordinary. While doing these workouts I feel my stomach churning, my heart and lungs transforming, and my mental abilities increasing each day.

Nightly sprints. This is a weird one. I decided to start running about two weeks ago. Starting 3 days ago, I suddenly decided to run at night instead. Rather than the 3 mile runs I wanted to do, I felt I needed to do very short, uphill sprints around my neighborhood. This SUCKS. As I start running I hear my thoughts tell me to go faster and faster until it looks like I'm running for my life, I am then told to sustain it and keep going. I may then feel that it's okay to stop or slow down, only to be told to spring again after maybe 8 seconds. By the end of my 5 minute run, I am on the verge of passing out and I can't bring my breathing back to normal for at least 30 minutes. It is intense and so, so awful. I get the impression that it's harder because I was smoking occasional cigarettes up until last week, despite my conscience clearly telling me I should immediately stop. I get a cramp pretty fast during these sprints (each night in a different spot in my stomach), it seems that this is one of the main reasons for my sprints - to help my stomach transform. I can also feel it has a great effect on my chest, lungs, throat, ability to expel and use energy, and of course leg muscles.

Education. I get the strong impression that I am being put through an academic course on life, the spirit, and my self by my conscience and any other entity that might be influencing me. When I listen to the unusual, often unexpected promptings in my mind, I am directed to find websites, people, and experiences that answer and soothe the many, many concerns I have about the crazy things I'm going through. I always doubted the things I now experience constantly, but the things that occur as a result of going with it are mind blowing and make more sense than anything I learned in college, church, and in my medical courses. I have questions and concerns, and these are resolved as I listen and am obedient to the profound promptings I feel/hear. For example, I stumbled across these websites this week that happen to explain many of the changes I'm going through. This first one is supposedly written by some form of spirit entity, what it says is profound and penetrated my body, I feel it's message in a way I have never felt anything before. The second was very comforting to find, for it describes the physical effect of the energy changes I began to experience 2 months ago. Read my post Kundalini for some of my experience with that change.
These are 2 of hundreds of mind-expanding articles I've stumbled across the past few weeks. I feel I should share these. If you want more, let your intuition guide you.

Hopefully I'll get pictures on here soon of my posture changes and hair so you can see what I'm talking about. As always, email me with any questions. I seek truth, I am open to any evidence or explanations that contradict my observations.


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